Fiber & Yarn

Wits End fibersFiber and Yarn for Sale

At Wits End, we have a range of fiber and yarn ideal for fiber artists, knitters, and all wool lovers.

At right: A basket of fiber goodies from Wits End Farm: (L-R) white roving, hand-dyed knitted sample in Rose Quartz, skein of natural-colored yarn, skein of hand-dyed yarn in Bluebird, washed white and natural-colored Border Leicestrer fleeces.

Fleeces from Shearing Time

It is the end of shearing time at Wits End Farm. I have available for sale a limited number of white and natural-colored fleeces from Border Leicester and Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Next month, we will feature photos and prices for our current sale stock. Our fleeces win rave reviews for cleanliness, and we have sold to customers from New York City to Anchorage, Alaska.

Felting and Quilting Batts

I love to quilt using one of my own quilting batts. Because I do everything by hand, I want to use the best materials. Since wool is a 100% natural product, our batts allow quilts to “breathe,” and the bit of lanolin that remains in the fiber helps the hand-quilter’s needle fly. We also have felting batts, both white and natural-colored, that can be used for larger-scale needle felting projects and for felted garments. You are only limited by your imagination.

Rovings for Spinners

I always have beautiful white and natural-colored rovings for spinners. I also dye rovings in some beautiful color combinations. Stay tuned next month to see them in full color.

Wits End Yarns

I also have several beautiful two-ply and three-ply Border Leicester and Bluefaced Leicester yarns for sale. Some are natural-colored yarns, spun from the lustrous fiber from black and silver sheep.

At right: A gansey sweater that I am knitting for my husband using a new 95% Border Leicester and 5% Romney yarn that is both soft and lustrous.

I produce yarn from my white sheep, too. I either hand dye or hand paint these skeins with a pallet based on what I see in nature, as the seasons evolve into unique tapestries of color.

The hand-painted skeins are prepared one at a time. You’ll find combinations of color that you won’t find anywhere else. I can create something just for you!