Lamb Meat

We sell the meat from some of the lambs we have slaughtered each year. We raise our lambs in the most natural way possible, using medications only when necessary and feeding them only what we would eat ourselves.  For more information on our animal husbandry, please read the ‘About Us‘ page.

Each year, we have a limited number of lambs which we slaughter at approximately 90 to 100 pounds.  Most of our customers are repeat buyers who swear that the meat from our sheep is especially flavorful.  This year, we will slaughter five lambs.  Three of them are still available for purchase, either as a half or whole carcass.

We sell by live weight, meaning what the animal weighs prior to slaughter.  We sell whole lambs for $1.50 per pound and half lambs for $2.00 per pound. We discuss with our clients exactly how they wish their lamb to be cut.  For example, there are a number of ways for the leg to be prepared, how thick the chops are cut and how to prepare the shoulder.  We discuss the various options to assist them in making the best choice for their favorite lamb cooking methods.

The lambs are slaughtered at a local family-run abatoir, where they are humanely killed in as stress-free a manner as possible.  Then, the carcasses are hung to age for approximately two weeks.  Only then are they cut, vacuum-packed and individually labeled.

Call us at 540/219-8396, or e-mail us at, for prices and availability.